Two weeks of shoulder pain relieved after a 15 minute treatment by Dr. Bastomski (while on vacation).
Jack talks about how he was on crutches due to issues with his hip socket, which Dr. Bastomski diagnosed as a scar tissue situation in a different area (secondary to surgery) causing acupuncture meridian energy flow problems to the involved area.
Female basketball player suffering from chronic knee pain, who had failed to respond to treatment from several doctors, made rapid improvement after Dr. Bastomski treated her underlying brain imbalance situation.
Dramatic improvement after suffering 11 days of severe low back and leg pain. "I was on my knees 1/2 the time". After receiving a few treatments with Dr. Bastomski over an approximate 1 week period of time, patient was feeling approximately 95% improved.  
This video will demonstrate a quick assessment of the shoulder and hip muscle strength, non force chiropractic treatment and subsequent manual retesting of the prior weak muscles showing immediate improvement.  
Dramatic improvement in chronic RA related knee pain following four weeks of food allergy avoidance and usage of several nutrients for detoxification.
Chronic (10+ years) sweaty palms and feet dramatically improved within a few weeks of eliminating gluten from diet and supporting adrenal glands with nutritional supplements.
Whiplash pain rapidly improved following chiropractic care with Dr. Bastomski after failing to improve with two prior chiropractors.  
Chronic urinary incontinence rapidly improved with light force chiropractic adjustments and resetting tone to pelvic floor muscles.  
Serious whiplash injury caused chronic dizziness, headaches, neck pain, difficulty sleeping, and brain fog complaints. Additionally patient had a chronic sinus infection and a persistent cough that failed to respond to 3 rounds of antibiotics from 3 different doctors and 1 round of steroids. A specialist said the next step would be surgery. All symptoms improved very nicely following treatment with Dr. Bastomski. As well, the patient had failed to improve with prior chiropractic treatment.  
Following three months of chiropractic care and home breathing exercises, patient notes approximate 60% improvement in decades long stuttering condition.