Back Pain / VAX-D Testimonials
Family Practice, Hudson, New York

I initially began to have low back pain and left leg pain at the end of January 2000 which I believe occurred after lifting some heavy suitcases. The back pain and leg pain became progressively worse over the next month. I had numerous visits to a local Medical Center Emergency Room and also the Columbia Memorial Hospital Emergency Room to try to obtain pain control. I had an MRI scan which revealed three very lateral herniated discs at levels L3-4, L4-5, and L5-S1. I was seen at the Neurosurgery Department where the initial feeling was that we should hold off on any surgery at this point.

Over the next three weeks, the pain became worse and it was more and more difficult for me to work. I continued to work however, I had to lie down on the floor in between patients to try to ease the pain. Eventually the pain became excruciating. I had visited the Emergency Room earlier that day and received injections for pain control. After I was discharged home, within 20 minutes my pain became so severe that I had to go back to the Emergency Room, where I was admitted and placed on IV medication for the pain.

After a week physical therapy was started in the hospital and I continued as an outpatient. Though my back pain got somewhat better, it was still quite difficult to walk. My leg pain continued and I developed a severe burning in my left lower leg that made it difficult to walk. I was unable to sleep through the night, having to get up every two hours because of the pain, and sometimes having to stay up for hours at a time before I would get some pain relief. I saw a pain management specialist who gave me an epidural steroid injection with essentially no results.

At the end of April I was in a situation where I knew I would be unable to go back to work and had exhausted all conservative treatments. Physical Therapy did not seem to be helping me at this point. The epidural steroid injection had not been helpful, and at that point, I felt that my only alternative would be surgery. I began to feel some leg weakness and an EMG study revealed denervation of two of the quadriceps muscles. These were significantly denervated and I found myself having difficulty rising from a kneeling position.

I then became aware of VAX-D Therapy and reviewed the literature on this. After reviewing the articles, I felt that the research was solid and the theory behind it made eminent sense. I began the treatments at the end of April and after three treatments, I was able to sleep through the night. I have received a total of 26 treatments.

I found the VAX-D Treatments to be remarkably effective. At this point, I am pain free, I essentially feel the same as I did before I sustained the back injury, and I am able to sleep easily through the night. I am now back at work . I am quite sure that without VAX-D this would not have been possible. Had I not gone through VAX-D, I am quite sure that I would have needed surgery, which certainly would have been a more involved surgery given the fact that I had three very lateral herniated discs.

As a physician who has experienced this ordeal of having three herniated discs and the severe pain associated with it and given the fact that it had essentially incapacitated me, I was very grateful to find a therapy which could be helpful short of surgery.

As a physician who treats many patients with back pain it is quite clear to me that this is a very underutilized procedure which more physicians should know about and should be much more available to those patients suffering from low back pain who have failed conservative measures. I am putting together a talk on VAX-D and plan to present this to the physicians at the local hospital .

I think that VAX-D Therapy has the potential to revolutionize the care of low back pain sufferers and avoid unnecessary surgery. VAX-D should be a mandatory part of any algorithm in the treatment of low back pain that has not responded to conservative measures

In those patient’s with chronic low back pain with the diagnosis of extruded herniations, multiple herniations, single herniations, degenerative disc disease and facet joint syndrome, who are candidates for VAX-D and have no contraindications, I would certainly advocate this treatment before moving onto more invasive treatments. In fact. I would feel almost unethical not sending a patient to VAX-D prior to an invasive surgical procedure if he/she was a candidate for VAX-D and had failed other conservative treatments.

Lance Castellana, MD

Vice President, Interstate Battery System of America, Inc.

I had undergone a surgical laminectomy in 1992. Between 1992 and 1997 I had a recurrence of back problems on the right side. In December of 1997 I began to have back and leg pain on my right side and then my left side as well.

The clinical evaluationof my pain along with an evaluation of the MRI indicated that a bulging disc might be the cause of the problem. A fusion surgery would be the next surgical option if a serious program of weight loss and back strengthening exercises was unsuccessful. I lost over 30 lbs. I religiously did my back exercises. Some time in August I felt something shift in my back and within 24 hours was barely able to walk. We tried an epidural injection directly into the disc with absolutely no benefit. At this point surgery was scheduled for late November. I learned about the VAX-D treatment. I asked my surgeon about this type of treatment, and he was not very hopeful about the chances that the procedure would be effective. To make matters worse, the procedure was not covered by my insurance because of the ‘experimental nature of the procedure’.

At the point in time that I started VAX-D treatments I could hardly walk. After completing 20 treatments I felt that I was somewhat better, but not to the point of canceling my surgery. The doctor recommended an additional five treatments. Since November I have noticed that my back has improved dramatically. I began to play golf again in March of this year and at this point play about twice per week without any problems. Also, I have been off of medications since November. Any pain that I have experienced since the completion of VAX-D has not required medications of either a prescription or over the counter variety to help me cope.

I am convinced that VAX-D worked exactly the way that they said it would. The process promotes healing of the damaged disc.I urge you to consider this treatment as an alternative to the more risky and invasive alternative of surgery.

Dennis Brown

Norcross Medical Associates, Norcross Georgia

For the last two years this office has been rendering care to patients suffering from intervertebral disc herniations, rupturesand degeneration using the VAX-D equipment. This technology is far superior to any other traditional techniques and procedures with better results than many surgeries.

It is a genuine pleasure to recommend this non-surgical treatment for the relief of these nerve compressing conditions. I only wish more people knew about VAX-D.

Mathew J. Britton, M.D.
Medical Director,
Norcross Medical Associates

Nashville Tennessee

I can now go shopping in stores with my wife, Martha Jo. Just a few weeks ago, I was in a wheelchair. I’ve had back pain for the last thirty years. My back go so bad over the past six months, that just standing to take a shower caused excruciating pain! I considered having surgery, but I put it off because I had friends who were still in pain after having back surgery.

While we were visiting my son in Illinois, Martha Jo saw an article in the St. Louis Post- Dispatch for a new type of lower back pain treatment called VAX-D. We called about it, and I then went over to the Back Pain Institute and talked with them. I then checked it out on the internet and decided to try VAX-D. I’ll be honest with you…I’m glad I did!

I could feel an improvement after the very first treatment. It decompressed the discs which took off the pressure that was causing the pain. Now, I can walk! I get up in the morning pain free. I’m sure I felt like this before my back problems started, but it’s been a long time. The other day I was out throwing a baseball with my grandson! It is really amazing!

Duane Brissell

Head Football Coach William Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa

I want to take the time to thank all of you for educating me on what I now consider to be one of the most sensible and cost effective ways to treat a herniated or ruptured disc. My son Chris suffered for about a year with a severe herniation at the L4-L5 level of the lower back. This condition was a result of an attempt to lift a dock platform out of the water. After approximately a year of suffering with the pain and a severe loss of flexibility, he found himself in a position of having to give up something he really enjoyed doing, playing college football. Being a concerned father and coach, we visited a respected Sport Injury Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After and MRI report confirmed the problem, we were given basically two options. The first was back surgery and the second was the conservative approach which involved physical therapy and basically not doing any physical activity that would irritate the ruptured disc.

After giving this some serious thought, I came to the conclusion that neither of these two options were acceptable. I really did not feel that the percentage rate for a full recovery was very good.

After hearing and reading about VAX-D Therapy, I decided that it was worth a try. I know both Chris and myself are very happy we decided to go with VAX-D. We finished therapy on January 11,1995 Chris had a follow up treatment in May 1995 and at that time was experiencing his full flexibility level with no discomfort. He was able to play his senior football season in the fall of 1995 without any problems, which made him very happy.

It was somewhat ironic that I had an incoming freshman this past fall come in with the same condition. Since he is from Illinois he decided to use the VAX-D clinic in Chicago, over our Christmas holiday break. So far he is experiencing the same positive results as Chris did. I would strongly recommend the VAX-D Therapy for any person looking for a bonafide and cost effective treatment for lower back pain. Thank you for a successful and rewarding experience.

Body Builder, Staff, Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Tennessee

I injured my lower back in June 2002 as a result of a work-related incident. The pain was in my right lower back area. The pain intensified to the point where I was unable to stand, and was bedridden for days. The pain began to radiate down my legs into my feet. It took 15 minutes just to get out of bed in the mornings. As a result of the pain I had to suspend my work outs at the gym, and I knew it was time to seek a professional for help. A friend mentioned VAX-D treatment and a few days later I called for an appointment. After the second treatment I felt better. Now, after completing the entire program I am back to my workouts and can sleep without pain. I believe in VAX-D and would recommend to anyone with a similar condition.


For three months I was having lots of low back pain which would go into both my legs. Prior to seeing Dr. Bastomski I had treated with an orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist. Therapy helped some but I was still having persistent back & leg pains. My MRI showed two levels of disc bulges. After my VAX-D program I am feeling 90% better. I only have occasional low back tightness but no pain and no more pain in my legs. I have been able to return to Kung Fu. I would absolutely recommend your office to others who are in pain.


I was suffering from chronic low back pain, which started about two and a half years before I began seeing Dr. Bastomski. I could not sit for any length of time without a great amount of pain. After treatment with Dr. Bastomski and the VAX-D program, I am in far less pain. Prior to seeing Dr. Bastomski, I had tried many options to help my low back pain, including an orthopedic surgeon, a chronic pain specialist, acupuncture, an MRI, Bone Scan and even another Chiropractor. Dr. Bastomski has been the most professional and understanding health care provider I have dealt with in my 2 ½ year search for pain relief. His techniques are many and effective. His staff is friendly & helpful.


I was suffering from low back & leg pain because of a disc protrusion for three months before I decided to try the VAX-D program. My pain was preventing me from working a full day. I had previously tried acupuncture but it did not help. After treatment with Dr. Bastomski and the VAX-D program my pain has improved about 90%.


I had two herniated disks in my low back which was affecting all aspects of my life. The pain was persistent and was there for two and a half years before I started VAX-D treatment with Dr. Bastomski. After treatment I am 85% better. The VAX-D spinal decompression truly does work.


I was suffering from low back pain for over ten years. It was very hard for me to work as an electrician because of my pain. I had previously tried physical therapy but it did not help. I tried the VAX-D as my last hope. It has improved my pain about 80%.


I came to see Dr. Bastomski because I had severe back pain and a 5mm herniated disk with severe pain down my right leg. The pain was so excruciating that I was unable to hike or bike or even to go to work. The VAX-D treatment has helped me dramatically and the pain is gone. I am back to doing the things I love to do, full recovery. I believe the VAX-D program is far superior to anything out there that you can possibly consider. The treatments are comfortable and gave me immediate relief. The staff is excellent and the professionalism is phenomenal.


I have had back problems most of my life due to injuries. The last episode occurred a couple of years ago and I did a couple of epidural shots to calm down some bulging discs which helped only temporarily. The doctor said that I would need surgery. When I was 21 I had back surgery and it was not a good experience. Before I started VAX-D treatment with Dr. Bastomski, because of my pain, I was bent over and spending a lot time looking at my feet. I was having constant muscle tension and not sleeping well at night. I was slow reacting at first to the treatment but it definitely felt like the right thing to do taking the tense muscles and tension of the area and pulling those muscles and my back out straight. I finished treatment about five months ago and still today I am holding up nicely. Things have totally turned around. I would recommend treatment to others. It will make a difference.


Walking, even for a few minutes, was very painful with shooting pains in my right leg. Other treatment including exercise therapy and spinal epidural cortisone treatments did little to no good. I was unfamiliar with VAX-D decompression therapy, but when Dr. Bastomski suggested it after his individual treatments were only mildly helpful, I decided to try it. Dr. Bastomski carefully explained the need for overall care. After the VAX-D treatments, my results are pain-free walking for as long as I was and no actual pain in my spine or hip.I understand skepticism on the part of others for this new treatment, but I strongly recommend VAX-D decompression therapy for those suffering similar pain and distress.


I was experiencing debilitating pain and impaired function as a result of a bulging disc and spinal stenosis. On Dr. Jacob Bastomski’s recommendation, I underwent the series of his VAX-D treatments, and I am most grateful that I did. The results far exceeded my expectations because prior physical therapy and drugs had offered no relief. I was even considering surgery. I am now virtually free of pain and can walk, sit and drive normally again.


I came into your office about a year ago with severe lower back pain that left me basically unable to function in my life. After having a MRI which showed that I had a 7mm bulge in my disc, and consulting with you, I decided to follow your recommendation and undergo a series of VAX-D treatments along with other modalities that you offer. I did not see results right away but by the end of the treatment my pain had subsided dramatically and my mobility increased. The improvement seems to have increased with time and now I am completely pain free, fully active in my life and can enjoy playing soccer again. I had an extremely positive experience working with you and your staff and would not hesitate to recommend your services.