Nutritional Therapy Testimonials
Shelly O. Female Age 43
Primary Complaints: Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Pain

Patient’s presenting complaints were associated with her underlying fibromyalgia condition and included depression , anxiety, brain fog, burning pain in multiple joints including both knees, both hips, low back and her left big toe. There was difficulty concentrating. Symptoms of the flu including elevated temperature present 5 days before and during her period. Sinus problems and significant and ongoing fatigue. Difficulty falling and staying asleep. Her condition had been going on for over three years. She had treated with numerous medical and alternative doctors and was taking several medications.

A comprehensive treatment program was done including spinal adjustments, nutritional therapy, deep muscle class IV K-laser, Ondamed pulsed electromagnetic therapy, rehabilitative exercise and emotional release work over a 7 month period.

At the conclusion of care, patient was feeling approximately 90% improved including mood, sleep, PMS, sinus, fatigue, joint pains, brain fog and fever.

Juanita D. Female Age 59
Primary Complaints: Frequent Nightmares, Chronic Pain

Patient had presenting complaints of constant neck and bilateral arm and hand pains for eight months, gradually getting worse, difficulty sleeping with frequent nightmares, fatigue, constant low back pain and headaches, constipation and heartburn and moderate depression and anxiety for 27 years.

Patient was treated with dietary changes and specific vitamins and nutrients to address underlying imbalances. Within two weeks of starting care, significant overall improvement was noted.

Patient was treated on nine occasions over an eight month period of time. Overall she felt approx. 80% improved. Her frequent nightmares had dramatically decreased to only occasional and not as scary. Her prior headaches, low back and arm pains were doing well.

P. A. Female Age 35
Primary Complaint: Severe Headaches

Patient had suffered from headache complaints since she was a teen. Her mother also suffered from headaches. Over the prior two years to starting treatment, her headaches were gradually getting worse in that they were getting more frequent and more intense. Headaches were occurring three to four days per week. Headaches described as a constant pressure and pounding pain which were aggravated with sound. She also had difficulty falling and staying asleep.

By six weeks, three office visits later, she was 50% improved with regard to her headaches, sleep and fatigue complaints. Four and one half months later after thirteen office visits, she was headache free.

Erika Female Age 38
Primary Complaints: Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Erika had a 4 year history of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, headaches, neck pain, heartburn , difficulty falling asleep and lots of hair loss in recent months. She had difficulty traveling in a car and avoided going into public places like supermarkets. She had gained 50 pounds. She was on two medications for her panic attacks and previously had tried some 9 different ones to no avail.

Within two weeks of starting treatment, Erika noted significant improvement with her sleep and headache complaints as well as in her ability to get out in public.

Six months after the start of treatment, having seen her for nine visits, she was much better overall with her now being able to shop in crowded stores, she is able to readily drive around town and even to Los Angeles, and her sleep, mood, energy and digestion are all much improved. She had been able to discontinue her high blood pressure medication for the past three months.