Diabetes Treatment Testimonials
Age 53 Female

Diagnosed with diabetes for 5 years before starting treatment with us her primary complaint was fatigue. Patient was on 3 medications for diabetes, one for cholesterol and one for blood pressure. In addition to a comprehensive blood laboratory test we also ordered an adrenal salivary hormone profile which found significant dysfunction to be present. Patient lost more than 100 points of morning fasting blood sugar reading after the first week on our program. Following 4 months of care her HbA1c reduced from 10.2 to 6.6. Her fatigue had much improved and she had lost 12 pounds.

Gregoria Morales
Age 70 Female

Gregoria had been diagnosed with diabetes for 20 years when she first began treatment with me. Her primary complaints were burning achy kidney area pain for 15 years, fatigue, difficulty falling and staying asleep, blurry vision, daily leg burning and tingling of feet, neck pain, headaches and frequently would be angry even for no reason and often felt depressed. She had no appetite and frequently had constipation. Over the years more medications were prescribed and she felt they no longer were working. She did not feel in control of her condition. After 4 months of treatment all her kidney and back pain were gone, her digestion, energy, mood and sleep and burning feet were much improved. Her appetite had returned, all neck and headache complaints had abated. Whereas prior to treatment she was walking 2-3 times per week for 20-30 minutes, she was now walking for 30-60 minutes everyday. Her clothes fit better and she was able to reduce here insulin injections, metformin, and blood pressure medications in half. Her original fasting blood sugar of 142 was reduced to 99 and her original HbA1c of 10.5 was reduced to 6.8.

“I suffered from Diabetes for over 20 years. I made the choice to see Dr. Bastomski because I wanted to get better instead of continuing to get worse. I had kidney pains, swelling and numbness of my fee4t, vision problems, depression, headaches and I was losing my desire to live life. Dr. Bastomski’s treatment of a specific diet, supplements and vitamins completely changed my life! After 4 months of treatment my A1C went from an initial 10.5 to a 6.8, I significantly decreased my insulin dosage, my symptoms were much better and my desire to live my life was back! His treatment is effective, life saving and he is simply the only Doctor that ever showed me how to gain control of my Diabetes. Thank you Dr. Bastomski!” -Gregoria

Martha Hernandez
Age 63 Female

Martha was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for 8 years prior to seeing me in June 2010. Her primary complaints were severe fatigue, leg pain on walking more than a few minutes, blurry vision and kidney area pain. She had difficulty going up even small steps. Her morning fasting blood sugar was 224, her HbA1c was 9.5 and she had elevated liver enzymes. She was on 6 medications for diabetes, thyroid, kidney, and heart involvement as well as for pain. After 4 months of treatment she was off all medications except for metformin for her diabetes and one medication for her thyroid. She had lost 8 pounds, can now walk for 2 hours, has no problem going up steps, has lots of energy, her chronic cough and chronic kidney area back pain are gone and her blurred vision had improved. Her fasting blood sugar is 103, her HbA1c is 7.5 and her liver enzymes are normal.

“He showed me how to gain control of my Diabetes. I decided to see Dr. Bastomski because I had a 7 year history of un-controlled Diabetes, which was causing intense back and kidney pains, as well as limiting my ability to walk to only 2-3 blocks and decreasing my energy drastically. I tried many remedies before seeing Dr. Bastomski, all of which were unsuccessful. Dr. Bastomski put me on a healthy diet and had me take vitamins and herbal supplements. After a few weeks with Dr. Bastomski I was off most of my medications, as my sugar levels with diet and supplements were much better controlled! My energy level had increased by 100% and I am now able to walk 2+ hours and I don’t have problems with swollen feet. Dr. Bastomski is a marvelous doctor, he truly cares about people’s overall well being. I am so lucky to have found him!” -Martha


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Age 40 Male

Diagnosed with diabetes for 3 years prior to seeing me. Primary complaints were fatigue, easy to anger, pain and dryness of both feet, and constant left upper back and shoulder area pain, onset 5 years prior, which was diagnosed as an enlarged heart. In addition to complete blood laboratory test and adrenal salivary hormone test we found a deficit of adrenal function and hormone. Within 2 weeks of starting treatment he noticed a dramatic increase in energy and was able to start decreasing his medication and after concluding care in 4 months his energy was a lot better, his feet and mood were much improved and his prior constant left upper back and shoulder area pain, which he described as “being a part of me” was now approximately 80% improved. He had reduced his two prior diabetic medications to only metformin. His HbA1c had reduced from 8.7 to 7.3. Prior positive glucose and protein in the urine were now negative. He had lost 14 pounds without increasing exercise activity.