I have had many experiences with back pain and frequent headaches caused by an auto accident. I was taking aspirin and many other medications. But the pain continued.  With the treatment I received from Dr. Bastomski I responded very well and my condition has improved a lot.
Yolanda Orozco
For two to three months I suffered from sore neck, shoulders and spine. The pain was worse than ever, and I could not do anything without being in severe pain. Even walking was very painful. With the treatment I received from Dr. Bastomski my pain was completely 100% better. I definitely would refer Dr. Bastomski to others; he is very experienced, professional and has proven great results.
Josue Miranda
Lab Assistant
I was in a car accident and it hurt my head, neck and spine. I received many medical treatments and nothing was different. Someone told me about Dr. Bastomski and their treatments now I’m 100% better. I recommended Dr. Bastomski to many of my friends because I feel better than ever.
Ernesto Beltran
Kitchen Worker
I had a lot of trouble walking because of a work injury. I had many problems with body and back pain. I then received treatment with Dr. Bastomski and now I feel much better.
Patricio E. Zapata
Construction Worker
I was in a car accident and was suffering a lot with headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain. AS my pain continued, I started having problems at work and at home. I started treatment with Dr. Bastomski and now I feel perfectly fine. I would definitely recommend another person with Dr. Bastomski for such great treatment I received.
J. Angel Hernandez
After a work injury I had very much back and shoulder pain for two months. Someone recommended me to Dr. Bastomski and with his office treatments they improved me a lot.
Clemete Esquiera
After an auto accident I was having neck, hand and ongoing low back pain. After one and half years of discomfort, crankiness and inability to exercise, finally I began treatment with Dr. Bastomski. With treatment my condition has been helped. Now I can lift Heavy objects.
Carol O’ Conner
Doctoral Student
For eight years I was suffering from disc protrusions in my low back. I couldn’t work and had to live a sedentary life. I had tried orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths and medication, but the problem continued, on a suggestion from a friend I treated with Dr. Bastomski, and now I feel 100% more active. He is a professional in every sense and gets results.
David O’ Dean
Due to numbness and tingling in my hands and arms, neck pain and headaches and dizziness, I could not exercise, work was difficult and life was miserable. After one year of this and medical treatment I found dramatic relief of my symptoms with Dr. Bastomski’s treatment.
Hal Daggett
Receiver/ Expediter
On a friend’s recommendation, I began treatment with Dr. Bastomski for low back spasms which had been bothering me for seven years. I couldn’t lift heavier items and driving aggravated it. Now my back pains solved. I would encourage others to see Dr. Bastomski, because is very skilled, takes time and uses a number of types of treatment rather than a routine.
Judith Brown
Due to severe pain in my shoulder and low back my physical activity was limited to practically nothing. This went on for seven years and failed to get better with medical treatment. After my first visit with Dr. Bastomski I was already feeling much better. If your suffering with pain, try chiropractic care, it works.
Kenneth Goldman
I was suffering from four fractured vertebrae’s, two crushed discs and back spasms. I tried orthopedic surgeons but they didn’t help. With Dr. Bastomski’s help my pain has subsided to a very livable level.
John Sandry