Some testimonials
I came into your office about a year ago with severe lower back pain that left me basically unable to function in my life. After having a MRI which showed that I had a 7mm bulge in my disc, and consulting with you, I decided to follow your recommendation and undergo a series of VAX-D treatments along with other modalities that you offer. I did not see results right away but by the end of the treatment my pain had subsided dramatically and my mobility increased. The improvement seems to have increased with time and now I am completely pain free, fully active in my life and can enjoy playing soccer again. I had an extremely positive experience working with you and your staff and would not hesitate to recommend your services.
I was experiencing debilitating pain and impaired function as a result of a bulging disc and spinal stenosis. On Dr. Jacob Bastomski’s recommendation, I underwent the series of his VAX-D treatments, and I am most grateful that I did. The results far exceeded my expectations because prior physical therapy and drugs had offered no relief. I was even considering surgery. I am now virtually free of pain and can walk, sit and drive normally again.
Walking, even for a few minutes, was very painful with shooting pains in my right leg. Other treatment including exercise therapy and spinal epidural cortisone treatments did little to no good. I was unfamiliar with VAX-D decompression therapy, but when Dr. Bastomski suggested it after his individual treatments were only mildly helpful, I decided to try it. Dr. Bastomski carefully explained the need for overall care. After the VAX-D treatments, my results are pain-free walking for as long as I was and no actual pain in my spine or hip.I understand skepticism on the part of others for this new treatment, but I strongly recommend VAX-D decompression therapy for those suffering similar pain and distress.
I have had back problems most of my life due to injuries. The last episode occurred a couple of years ago and I did a couple of epidural shots to calm down some bulging discs which helped only temporarily. The doctor said that I would need surgery. When I was 21 I had back surgery and it was not a good experience. Before I started VAX-D treatment with Dr. Bastomski, because of my pain, I was bent over and spending a lot time looking at my feet. I was having constant muscle tension and not sleeping well at night. I was slow reacting at first to the treatment but it definitely felt like the right thing to do taking the tense muscles and tension of the area and pulling those muscles and my back out straight. I finished treatment about five months ago and still today I am holding up nicely. Things have totally turned around. I would recommend treatment to others. It will make a difference.
I came to see Dr. Bastomski because I had severe back pain and a 5mm herniated disk with severe pain down my right leg. The pain was so excruciating that I was unable to hike or bike or even to go to work. The VAX-D treatment has helped me dramatically and the pain is gone. I am back to doing the things I love to do, full recovery. I believe the VAX-D program is far superior to anything out there that you can possibly consider. The treatments are comfortable and gave me immediate relief. The staff is excellent and the professionalism is phenomenal.