Weight Loss

Obesity- What Works

National Weight Control Registry

10,000 people who have lost a minimum of 30 pounds for a minimum of one year.  Average have lost 70 pounds for six years.  They all have the following in common:


  • All diets work, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach etc.
  • Bottom line is decrease calories and increase exercise. 90% of long term successful weight loss people are exercising.
  • On average registry people exercised for approx. one hour per day, 7 days a week.
  • Get on a scale every day
  • Eat breakfast regularly
  • Most watch less than ½ as much TV as overall population (avg is more than 5 hours per day!)
  • Eat same foods, same patterns each day and do not cheat on weekends & holidays
  • They eat less than most people by 50 to 300 calories per day
  • Tips: No sugar and no white flour
  • Drink water before each meal and when you have a sugar craving. Carry a water bottle with you
  • Join overeaters anonymous (OA) or food addicts anonymous (FAA) if needed.  Patients report better results with Food Addicts Anonymous.


The above items are how you live your life after you lose your weight. There are many paths, some noted above, as to how to lose the weight. My focus with overweight patients is to get you healthy and in the process of getting healthier you will lose weight vs. I need to lose weight and then I will be healthy.



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