Having been diagnosed and successfully conservatively treated for thyroid cancer and coming from a family background of problematic thyroid conditions, I can safely say I know quite a bit about treating various thyroid conditions.

We start with a comprehensive blood test, that includes the basics like blood sugar, thyroid, liver and kidney function, cardiac and lipid status, inflammatory markers, CBC as well as more advanced testing to include thyroid auto antibodies, vitamin D and sex hormone levels. Our fees for these tests are about $175, which represents our wholesale cost.

If your blood test shows that you have auto antibodies to your thyroid, then it becomes quite imperative that you go off of all gluten foods for at least a three month period as gluten has often been found to be an underlying trigger to setting off your immune system’s attack of your thyroid.

We will look to see if your diet needs improvement in the areas of excess intake of packaged foods and encourage more whole foods. We will evaluate for food allergies (sensitivities) and if present then have you go off them for a two week period to observe for beneficial changes that may occur. Blood sugar issues will be evaluated and recommendations given if indicated. Toxic accumulation and/or reduced function of your toxic elimination organs (kidneys, liver and bowels) will be evaluated and recommendations for improvement given if problematic.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are utilized so that your body’s nervous system circuitry will be tuned up. This enables your brain to better engage with all of your body’s organs and tissues and visa versa, it allows all of your bodies organs and tissues to better engage with your brain.
Lastly, in more problematic cases we will utilize physical therapy modalities of Class III or IV lasers and/or our Ondamed targeted tissue stimulation therapy.