We utilize a number of cutting edge physical therapy tools to assist your body in its healing process. These include Class III and IV lasers, hydrotherapy tables, VAX-D spinal decompression, Med-X spinal strengthening equipment, Ondamed and Graston and Rapid Relief Therapy instruments to assist with musculo-skeletal rehabilitation.  We utilize the above approaches for the following ailments below:


We have had reasonably good success treating this complex chronic disorder utilizing a comprehensive natural approach. Our focus is toward treating the underlying reasons that many of the body’s systems are in a state of dysfunction. Read more

Thyroid Disorders

Having been diagnosed and successfully conservatively treated for thyroid cancer and coming from a family background of problematic thyroid conditions, I can safely say I know quite a bit about treating various thyroid conditions. We start with a comprehensive blood test, that includes… Read more

Digestive Disorders

Irritable bowel syndrome, hiatal hernia, gastritis, esophageal reflux, diverticulitis and Crohn’s Disease are some of the common names given to various states of dysfunction and disease of the digestive tract. We utilize a functional medicine approach to this complex of disorders as we do with other conditions, but the emphasis here is on finding and removing food allergies (sensitivities) from the diet, and dealing with a condition known as dysbiosis. Read more

Sleep Disorders

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical in terms of maintaining your bodies overall state of well being. It is when your body undergoes repair and healing. An amazing dance between various neurotransmitters, hormones and blood sugar occurs to enable us to get to sleep and to stay asleep all night. Read more


The effects of a whiplash injury, like any other traumatic injury, can range from mild to severe. Four people can be in the same car accident and one can walk away unharmed, one can have mild symptoms, one moderate symptoms and the other can be paralyzed. How is this possible if all of them were subjected to the same forces? Read more