Headaches and Migraines

As with any chronic condition, it is of utmost importance when dealing with chronic headaches and/or migraines, that the underlying cause(s) be identified. Unfortunately too often doctors will approach the problem from a simplistic perspective of looking for a medication that will give relief for the symptoms but headaches are not the result of an aspirin deficiency. They are the result of specific causes and those causes need to be identified and addressed.

Common Causes

Some of the more common causes of headaches and migraines include the following:

  • Cervical spine involvement including vertebral fixations and misalignment’s.
  • Cervical spine and cranial muscle and fascia trigger points.
  • Dental involvement including TMJ dysfunction. (See our TMJ page for more information)
  • Feet, pelvic and low back imbalances.
  • Dietary involvement including eating too many foods that are inflammatory and eating foods to which you are sensitive – which you may or may not be aware of.
  • Too many toxins in your body such as chemicals, pollutants or toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium or aluminum. These accumulated toxins are overwhelming your body’s current ability to detoxify itself and one symptom of this distress pattern can be headaches.
  • Hormonal imbalances. This can be identified on lab testing and if positive, the first thing to do to restore your hormonal balance is to remove the significant factors that are causing it. This would include looking at your dietary habits including sugar sensitivity, food allergies, toxic accumulation of chemicals and heavy metals, and hidden infections brought about and/or encouraged by your internal chemistry being polluted.


What are some of the treatments for headaches?
Treatments may include:

  • Proper evaluation of the patient’s structural system including head, neck, TMJ, low back, pelvis and feet. Treat with gentle chiropractic techniques to restore joint mobility and function and to remove neurologic “roadblocks” that may be restricting your body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Evaluate diet for inflammatory foods and food allergies via lab and/or autonomic response testing.
  • Lab testing to identify areas of stress and inflammation and when identified, utilize a few well chosen nutritional supplements to assist in the healing.
  • If indicated, utilize energetic emotional techniques to help improve acupuncture circuit flow which is impeded because of a current or past emotional conflict(s).
  • Class IV K – Laser to the neck region to assist in improving blood flow to and away from the involved musculature as well as assist the local cellular network in optimizing function.
  • Stress reduction techniques which we will review with you.