We have had reasonably good success treating people with this complex chronic disorder.  This  complex chronic disorder utilizing a comprehensive natural approach. Our focus is toward treating the underlying reasons that many of the body’s systems are in a state of dysfunction. We will want a fairly comprehensive blood test that is not older than four months. Our fee for such a test is approximately $150, which represents our wholesale cost. Patients are usually under care from four to nine months depending on the severity of their condition.

We start with evaluating the diet. If one’s diet is problematic and they do not wish to change it, then ours is not the place to seek treatment. Even if one’s diet is reasonably good, if food allergies (sensitivities) are identified – the top five are wheat, dairy, caffeine, corn and nightshades – then one is expected to do his/her best to reduce significantly and ideally get off entirely the problematic food(s) for a two week trial period.

Next we look to identify if the elimination and detoxification organs are working well or if dysfunction has set in thereby allowing for a toxic accumulation of pathogenic microbes, toxic chemicals and/or toxic metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium. If so, then nutrients and herbal agents are utilized to assist in the healing process.

We will utilize chiropractic adjustments which include our brain based therapy techniques for improving your nervous system’s function.

Lastly, in more problematic cases we will utilize physical therapy modalities of Class III or IV lasers and/or our Ondamed targeted tissue stimulation therapy.