Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death among Americans. It is the fastest growing disease in every age group. It is a silent, modern epidemic. Currently over 17 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of diabetes, while another 5 million are considered to be diabetic without their knowledge. It is projected that 1 of 3 children born will develop diabetes. This is tragic because most of these individuals may have been able to prevent the onset of the disease with proper awareness, diet, and exercise.

Medication is often used to reduce the glucose in the blood stream to avert a crisis, but where does the glucose go when medications or insulin are used?  The answer is that it gets forced into the cells of your body and the most delicate cells, such as the eyes and kidneys, will be damaged.

Diet is not the only factor to consider with diabetes.  Many medications cause or contribute to diabetes.  In addition liver disease, mineral deficiencies, toxic elements, chronic infection and digestion problems may all be factors, which is why proper testing is so important.

Complications of uncontrolled blood sugar include increased risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, loss of nerve functions and amputations. Your doctor can help you slow or even reverse these potentially devastating outcomes. Objective, comprehensive evaluations by Dr. Jacob Bastomski can offer a different perspective to help determine the reasons for your uncontrolled diabetes and possible need for medication. Diagnostic testing such as standardized blood work, bio-monitoring (which is the practice of testing human blood, urine, or other fluids for the presence of environmental chemicals) and other relevant tests are necessary to identify underlying conditions and nutritional deficiencies, then retesting to determine progress and effectiveness of the prescribed program.