A chiropractor’s primary job is to analyze your spine, determine where misalignment with resulting nerve interference is occurring and then treat these spinal segments with one’s hands or via an instrument to improve spinal and nerve system function.  Because of my additional years of training in the field of neurology, my examination tends to be more thorough than others which leads to better identifying the underlying reasons why a patient is having difficulties.

There are many techniques in chiropractic, easily over 30, just as there are in surgery, psychology and acupuncture. These chiropractic techniques deal with the different ways of identifying where a spinal misalignment/fixation is occurring and how to go about correcting the finding.  Broadly speaking, techniques for adjusting the spine are broken down into two categories, force (twisting, cracking, popping) and non-force techniques. In my practice I primarily use non-force techniques to accomplish the adjustment, particularly in the low back region.

I have found over the years that using non-force techniques is a better approach for most patients.  Some patients prefer and do better with a more manual spinal adjustment and for those patients I am happy to provide them with a more traditional spinal manipulation.  I actually like most patients to experience both approaches and for them to then make a determination as to which approach is better for them. Chiropractors are also trained and licensed to provide physical therapy modalities to the patient such as ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and laser.

Class IV deep muscle laser is one of latest therapies to gain FDA clearance and has proven itself to be a valuable therapy for most patients with musculoskeletal complaints. We are one of only a few offices in Santa Barbara that have invested in bringing this new technology to our patients. As part of our adjustment fee, our patients can also use our mechanical massage table to loosen up their spine before an adjustment.   My goal is to provide you with rapid pain relief and then assist you in correcting and strengthening your spine to reduce the likelihood of future flare ups.

I am available to my patients via phone or email to answer any questions which may come up after an office visit.

Yours In Health Jacob Bastomski,

D.C. D.I.B.C.N. Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

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