Our philosophy is best described as holistic-looking at the whole picture of what is bringing about the disease in the patient.  Disease comes in many shapes and sizes and more often then not, is brought about because of a multitude of factors that in combination have led to the bodies abilities to no longer be able to compensate and adapt to the dysfunctional state that is occurring -with the end result being that dis-ease manifests.

Some of these factors would include genetics, diet and lifestyle issues such as stress and exercise, our ability to get a good nights sleep, compromise of detoxification systems such as the liver and the functional state of our digestive, immune, hormone, and nervous systems.

Our goal is to restore optimal function and balance to the areas and systems of the body that are in need of assistance.  Our tools are many but all work in a natural and synergistic way with one another to allow for optimal function and healing of your body.

In simpler neck and back pain cases, treatment can be as easy as one to five spinal adjustments with or without some deep tissue laser added. In more involved chronic cases, besides some good hands on care, I will often recommend some anti-inflammatory dietary recommendations be included to allow for more rapid and deeper healing of the condition.

Dr. Bastomski is Board Certified as a Chiropractic Neurologist and  has trained over the years with the following top experts in the fields of providing chiropractic services, rehabilitative and nutritional medicine:

Jonathon Wright MD

Alan Gaby MD

Jose Palomar MD

David Brownstein MD

Reinhardt Voll MD

Todd LePine MD

Wolf-Dieter Kessler MD

Vladimir Janda MD, PhD

Pavel Kolar MD

Simon Voitanik MD

Robert Mathis MD

Jeffrey Bland PhD

Dicken Weatherby ND

David Brady ND, DC

George Goodheart DC

Major Bertrand DeJarnette DC, DO

Wally Schmit DC

David Leaf DC

Michael Lebowitz DC

Steve Kaufman DC

Craig Liebenson DC

Ted Carrick DC

Datis Kharrazian DC