Meet Dr. Bastomski

It is a privilege to serve people who come to me seeking natural solutions to their health problems. From day one in chiropractic school, I have never looked back and recognized that it is a wonderful profession, one that fits my personality and skills very well. I am pleased to be your chiropractor in Santa Barbara, CA!

I attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic because it had a reputation of being demanding academically, and while being faithful to the basic tenets of Chiropractic, it also provided us with an excellent medical education. Even while in school, I began the lifelong habit of attending numerous weekend seminars to gain additional training in natural healing techniques such as nutrition, rehabilitative exercises and many different types of chiropractic techniques. I graduated with honors and after a oneyear associateship in Huntington Beach Calif, I moved up to Santa Barbara and began practicing here.

When our youngest son was three years of age he developed a lazy eye condition. My motivation to more fully understand the underlying nervous system dysfunction involved led me on a threeyear post-graduate course of study in Neurology. I became board certified in Neurology as a chiropractic neurologist in Sept 2000. I am happy to report that combining some good pediatric ophthalmology care along with spinal adjustments, specific exercises, and dietary considerations enabled our son Gabe to avoid having to receive eye surgery.

My purpose in my family chiropractic practice is to help as many people as possible achieve a lifestyle that allows them to maximize their inner abilities and strengths, their full potential. This is accomplished by first assisting them with their pain issues and soon they notice they are able to sleep better, wake up more refreshed, their mood is better and they are able to more fully engage in life. Patients notice that they are able to diminish their need to take various pain medications and indeed many times they are able to get off their pain medications altogether. I have been told I have gifted hands and I recognize that it is my responsibility to assist and serve those that come to me seeking to improve their health with natural means of spinal adjustments, diet, nutrition, and exercise.


I am married to a wonderful wife Marcia (who happens to be a pharmacist – it made for most interesting discussions while we were dating) and we have four children. Our eldest is a girl followed by three boys. In my spare time, as president for many years, I attend to the needs of our local synagogue. For hobbies, I enjoy hiking the beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara and playing tennis.  Several years back, my daughter and I got in pretty good shape and climbed to the top of Mount Whitney and now we are preparing to once again summit Mount Whitney later this year.

Many people ask me, how often I get adjusted. For starters, I have been blessed with a strong back and do not have, thank God, any particular concerns per se dealing with back or neck pain issues. Never the less, if I am feeling under the weather I will get adjusted and indeed I do not like more than about two to three months to go by without getting adjusted. My philosophy on taking pain medications is if it helps you get a good night’s sleep then it probably is worthwhile. The danger is when one becomes dependent on them, thus putting at risk serious injury to the kidneys, gut and/or liver. Too often as well, because of the pain medications, people will do more than their bodies are capable of and thereby provoke further musculoskeletal breakdown, with the price to be paid in the months and years ahead. I agree that sometimes they are needed, but I would strongly recommend that one seek good chiropractic care for a month or two before routinely taking pain medication to control their neck, back or headache complaints.

Having four children, all of whom have been and continue to be treated with chiropractic care, I can attest to its benefit in helping to keep children healthier. Children, in general, respond rather quickly to chiropractic treatment. At a minimum, I believe parents should bring their children in if they sustain a significant trauma, if they have postural issues, if they are repeatedly getting sick, not sleeping or eating well or of course if they are complaining of persistent headaches, neck or back pain. We elected to not vaccinate our children, but I do not necessarily advocate that position for my patients because it is a controversial area with reasonable arguments on both sides. I would recommend that parents study the topic and arrive at a decision that is right for them.

If you have been searching the web for a chiropractor in Santa Barbara near me, we are glad you found us! Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call at 569-5000 or e-mail me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to meet and discuss your specific health issues. We can also go over a list of chiropractic services we offer.

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