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Dr. Bastomski is the best! I first discovered Back to Health a couple years ago. I had injured my back to the point of being unable to bend forward more than a couple of degrees while wincing . Sitting down was a teeth gritting, eye watering experience. Turning my head was impossible, I couldn’t tie my shoes, I couldn’t go to work, basically I was a mess. I had seen a masseuse, no relief. I saw a generic chiropractor, and after receiving a bone crunching adjustment I was still in the same shape. On the recommendation of a friend I went to see Dr. Bastomski at Back to Health. I walked in and stood in the waiting room (as sitting was still an ordeal I would avoid whenever possible.) After an initial verbal evaluation, there was a reflexology evaluation, followed by checking pressure points, then the spine was checked, then the neurological system was checked etc… After the doctor had taken all of his data from the multiple tests he performed, the adjustment began. Using a small chiropractic adjustment tool, Dr. Bastomski made a couple of quick taps directly to the spinal disc that was affected along with a couple of taps other areas that had become out of whack. He then asked me to stand and try to bend over. Immediately, I was back to 80% of my normal range of motion. Needless to say I was amazed, but what blew me away was that the appointment wasn’t over. I was asked to return to the table, so Dr. Bastomski could see what else was wrong. From what I understood, due to this back injury other parts of my body were compensating for the loss range of motion while trying to protect my back from further injury (Hips, knees, etc..). He did a few muscle tests and then made further adjustments. Range of motion was now at 95% I returned to the table for the third and final time (This is the part that gets beyond belief). Here’s what was explained to me to the best of my understanding, — Your back was hurt so your brain told other parts of your body to both protect the injured area and to compensate for the loss of motion. The back has been fixed, the other areas have been fixed, now the brain needs to “forget the trauma”. After some odd cranial adjustments and “resets to the neurological pathways” I was asked to check my range of motion again. I was now at 110%. The initial appointment lasted a full hour (maybe a little longer). I left that day more flexible than before the injury! Since the first visit, I have returned for little adjustments here and there. Not only do I leave fully satisfied with the work that was done, I also leave feeling more in tune with what is going on with my body and how it works. Thank you Dr. Bastomski!

Amazing Dr., amazing results! Thank you Dr. Bastomski!!! It’s like a best kept secret. Gentle technique and super skilled! Seriously, if you have any injuries, go to Dr. Bastomski.

He has an holistic/intuitive approach to healing, the way it should be, using the body as the guide with the applied kinesiology(muscle testing) technique.

Just let him know about your injuries from head to toe, and he will move that stuck energy with painless techniques, so you will be rewired/reset and feel relief instantly.

Even if the injuries have been there a while, and you feel their presence still, with the compressive touch; let the Dr. know about it to free yourself from it.

Also, cut the energy sucking things out of your lifestyle no dairy, refined flour/sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, go gluten-free, and organic. It’s easy to do, if you think it is. I have to stop eating potatoes, the Dr. said, and I love baked/mashed potatoes, but it’s time for them to go.

Anyways, bottom line is, go see Dr. Bastomski.
I am recommending him to everyone, be he fabulous, and we all deserve the best!


I went to Dr. Bastomski for pain and tightness in my lower back that had been bothering me on and off for several years. I had tried taking breaks from exercise, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory pills to treat it but none of those worked. After several sessions with Dr. Bastomski not only was the pain and tightness in my back gone, but several other symptoms that I didn’t think were related were also better, including my daily headaches, lack of energy, and intense craving for sugar after every meal. Instead of simply giving me a quick adjustment and sending me out the door he took to time to figure out a complete plan to improve all aspects of my health, and I am eternally grateful to him for that.


I would like to thank you for everything you have done. Your chiropractic care with my torn rotator cuff is helping me get through each day. Your wellness has benefited me because I haven’t needed any blood transfusions in a couple of years. I would recommend to anybody having problems to make an appointment to get the care required to take away the discomfort and pain.


Today was my first visit at Dr. B and he was very thorough. I’m very impressed with his knowledge and care. He doesn’t rush through the visit and gets to the brain related issues to the body. I’m feeling better already. It’s not the snap crackle pop approach, it’s much more holistic. He’s helping me with my stress, diet and breathing. Thank you so much.