Clinical Nutrition in Goleta, CA 93111

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on medications that are simply masking the symptoms rather than treating the actual issue? Then it may be time to call Dr. Bastomski at Back to Health Wellness Center. Located in Santa Barbara, California, we get to the root of your health problems rather than simply easing your symptoms. Dr. Bastomski can help you with clinical nutrition in Goleta, CA!



Clinical Nutrition in Goleta CAFocusing on the Underlying Cause

Though not anti-medication, we believe in investigating the cause of your poor health and creating a plan to treat it rather than focusing on the side effects that may manifest from it. With our patients, we employ traditional blood work and reflex analysis testing to look at underlying systems like the digestive, liver, thyroid, and many others.

From there we use treatments that may consist of vitamins, herbs, spinal adjustments, lifestyle changes, exercise, and stress reduction techniques. Making sure the body is working at full capacity allows it to treat and heal itself. After just a few weeks of our treatment plans, patients report that they feel better, have sounder sleep, more energy, an improved mood, and are even decreasing their medications.



We Are Located Near Goletta

Though located in Santa Barbara, California, we have patients that drive from Goleta, as well as the surrounding areas. Goletta is located in Santa Barbara County.


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If you’re tired of taking medication that only treats your symptoms, call Back to Health Wellness Center and Dr. Bastomski today. We are confident that our techniques will have you feeling your best in no time! Our clinical nutrition specialist is ready to help you in Goleta, CA.