Clinical Nutrition in Carpinteria, CA 93013

Have you been dealing with the same health issues over and over with no relief from medication? Have you been prescribed pill after pill to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of what’s actually going on? Then it may be time to call Dr. Bastomski at Back to Health Wellness Center located right in Santa Barbara, California. He is proud to serve the community of Carpinteria, CA, with his specialty in clinical nutrition.



Committed to Holistic Health

Clinical Nutrition in Carpinteria CA

At the Back to Health Wellness Center, we take your symptoms and trace them down to the root cause. All of our patients undergo testing that will look at underlying systems including digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, kidney, and even those dealing with emotion. We believe that if we can discover the cause of the issue, we can treat it and help the body heal itself.

Unlike medications that mask the symptoms, we find treatment plans that truly make a difference. These may be in the form of diet and lifestyle changes, taking herbs and vitamins, spinal adjustments, and even exercise. Our patients are thrilled with the results and report improved moods, better sleep, more energy, and a decrease in the need for medication in just a matter of weeks!


Our Office is Near Carpinteria

We are located in Santa Barbara, which isn’t far from Carpinteria. Carpinteria is located in Santa Barbara County, just northwest of Ventura.

We can also help you if you live in the surrounding communities!


Discover Our Techniques Today!

If you are tired of not being heard by your doctors or of taking medication with harmful side effects, it may be time to call our clinical nutrition specialist here at Back to Health Wellness. We take simple, natural approaches to restore your body and have you feeling like yourself again. Call to set up your appointment today to see how our clinical nutrition techniques can make all the difference for you in Carpinteria, CA.